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Nasal Dilators for Snoring – Sizing Pack (SLEEP)

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27% More effective than nasal strips. Availability: in stock

This pack contains a small, medium, large and an extra large NASILATOR (Nasal Dilators) for you to determine the correct size. Use the size that fits your nose the best and order your correct size in a 2 pack or 4 pack. Unlike conventional nasal strips, the Nasilator is reusable and may help persons with sleep apnea and those using CPAP device.

BETTER by DESIGN. The Nasilatorâ„¢ is a drug-free and adhesive-free, non-prescription nasal dilator, made of soft and flexible FDA approved material. Its comfortable, ergonomic design instantly expands nasal passages from inside the nose to significantly increase airflow. Increased airflow helps you breathe better INSTANTLY. Unlike conventional nasal strips, the Nasilator is reusable. There is no more sticky adhesives or replacing expensive nasal strips.

  • Breathe better instantly
  • Reduces nasal congestion
  • Comfortable Design
  • No sticky adhesive
  • Clinically proven
  • Nasal Dilators are Reusable and Drug-free
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