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When inserted into the nose, Nasilator instantly expands the nasal passages from inside the nose to significantly increase airflow to your lungs. Increase in airflow helps you breathe better and no matter which sport or activity you participate in, Nasilator Sport helps your working muscles get the oxygen that they need. Without an adequate amount of quality oxygen, the body cannot perform at its peak ability. We know that top athletes are always looking for new ways to be better. Use this FDA registered product to significantly increase your airflow and gain a competitive edge.

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Nasilator Sport | Study

A comparative CT Scan study showed that Nasilator™ opened the nasal passages much more than nasal strips helping to breathe better, as can be seen in the images below:

0.551 | 2.379
Nasal Strip
0.691 | 2.440
0.919 | 2.527


“I have been using the Nasilator for approximately three months and I´m pleased to say it genuinely works. My snoring was keeping my wife awake at night and this was becoming a real problem. Neither one of us liked the idea of one of those loud sleep machines with the cumbersome masks, and I was even less enthused about undergoing expensive and invasive surgery for snoring. I tried nasal strips but half the time it wouldn´t stay on all night, and I disliked having to wash my face right before I was trying to go to sleep. I also found that using a nasal strip every night became very expensive. The Nasilator changed everything. According to my wife my snoring has been reduced significantly. It´s really easy to use and much more comfortable than nasal strips. I can use a single Nasilator for weeks, so it doesn´t cost a fortune. No surgery, no loud sleep machines; I couldn´t be happier. I´ve never written a review before but wanted to compliment you on your truly amazing product- the Nasilator really works. My Wife and I both thank you!”
Tim S, Orlando, FL
“I tried the Nasilator during soccer and found that I breathed much better than normal”
Bree G, Orlando, FL

Breathe Better – Exercise Better – More Effective than Nasal Strips

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