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Science Behind Nasilator

During exercise, your muscles need a large amount of oxygen to function properly. The Nasilator Sport opens the nasal passages, allowing more oxygen and Nitric Oxide to enter the lungs, which are then delivered through the blood, into the heart and back out to your muscles.

Nitric Oxide is only produced when you breathe through your nose, not through your mouth. This is why athletes focus on breathing in through their nose while performing physical activities. Nitric Oxide has been proven to lower blood pressure because it is a vasodilator.

CrossFit Study:

In May of 2012, a study was conducted at a CrossFit facility where a group of CrossFit athletes were asked to test the Nasilator and compare it to a nasal strip. Both have the same purpose; to open the nasal passages to capacity and keep the walls of the nose from collapsing when the body is grasping for more air. which is then delivered through the blood, into the heart and back out to your muscles.

Thirty-one healthy adults participated in the study. They each performed the same workouts and tested both products. The results of the study showed an overwhelming percentage of the group proclaiming that they preferred using the Nasilator over nasal strips, and that the Nasilator proved to be more effective than nasal strips when used for high intensity work outs.

CT Scan Studies have proven the Nasilator to be 27% more effective than nasal strips in increasing the nasal cross-sectional area.

Breathe Better – Exercise Better – More Effective than Nasal Strips

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