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The Many Benefits of Nasilator Sport

No matter which sport an athlete competes in, performance always depends on one basic principle; sufficient supply of oxygen. Just as a high performance race car requires an adequate supply of air and gasoline to drive forward, the human body requires an excellent supply of oxygen to move it’s muscles. A working muscle uses three times the amount of oxygen than a muscle at rest. When an athlete is not receiving adequate amount of quality oxygen, he or she simply “runs out of gas”.

Whether you are a Division 1 athlete, a recreational runner or a serious tri-athlete, the same principle applies. Being able to take in adequate oxygen on a continuous basis is necessary to drive the muscles as far as they need to go. If one’s breathing is restricted for any reason, the muscles cannot receive the amount necessary to function properly.

Most athletes follow a simple breathing routine of inhaling through the nose, and exhaling through the mouth when they are performing some kind of aerobic exercise. This is recommended because air that is inhaled through the nose is of a higher quality and in a filtered state when it reaches the lungs, compared to air that is inhaled through the mouth. With the Nasilator in place, it optimizes the inhale of each breath, allowing more airflow through the nasal passages.

The Nasilator works at the first place the human body receives it’s oxygen, the nose. Since it expands the nasal passage, air intake is increased considerably. Nasilator is THE solution for athletes looking to breathe better while performing.

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